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Hi folks! A quick update on the Barren Earth situation.


Despite having been a singerless quintet for some time now we've kept ourselves busy by composing material for our next release. We have received a good number of applications for the vocalist spot from various countries, with some highly considerable options among them. But it takes a lot of consideration before making a momentous decision such as this...


So for now, we'd just like to release this statement from Metalheim management:


Barren Earth, the messengers of melodic prog/death metal, will enter the studio in early 2014 to cut their third album. The group is currently working on new material, which has been described as “mournful, winding, hopeful, ambitious and rugged”. More info on the production team and location will be given in the autumn.


Barren Earth is still looking for a replacement singer for Mikko Kotamäki, who left the band in the summer. Interested singer candidates are asked to contact the band via the email address Please include a description of yourself and sample vocals of clean singing as well as growling.